Saturday, May 21, 2011

3. ( sambungan daripada yang 1)

eceh ceh..da boleh buat trilogi cinta da nii..haha..ok ok..back to the story..

fast forward..F pindah..sedih giller..that time we were in secondary school..huaaaaa..T,T...still remember last day before he moving..we play kejar kejar..miss that time..

ok..bab F da chapter begin!! (hamboii..bukan kemain lagi chapter baru!!)

before that ..i wanna ask your opinion about love..if Love was a person, what would you think he or she look like??maybe, he (or she, wutever in your imagination) looks like the guys in THE WANTED ( huu,my favourite!!)..maybe..he likes sambal belacan or watch gossip girl !! (huh!! ade ke lelaki tegok gossip girl??)or maybe, he hot like JOHN MAYER, this really hot guy, breaking hearts , faces , a total douche, really mean..(get it) no mercy, and only cares about himself...dalam dunia dia it's all about him!!! maybe he's a rockstar with drug problems..or maybe he's total opposite..he could be as cute as NATHAN IN THE WANTED..maybe Love is a dork!always sweet..and nothing more!! Love always gonna tell you everything is fine when you were in problem..and who always holds your face and look in your like he not ever leave you when he talks to you!! (owww..sweet yee!!)

wuishh panjang giller aku puye introduction..first time ever in my life!!..

to be continued...( sorry otak dah blank dan tepu T,T)

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