Friday, December 27, 2013

Pre loved item!!!

For only Rm 16 !!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tutorial : pendrive menjadi shortcut ?? what to do??

wowowow..blame on me for the skema i think ?? ok..


di suatu pagi yang hening .. ku susuri laluan ke kooperasi dgn penuh harapan untuk mengemprint ( ????? ) research bi..due date pagi tu..pagi tu jugak aku nak print.. BRAVO3..-,-'..ok2 dipendekkan cerita pc di kooperasi tlh buat hardisk and pendrive aku menjadi shortcut. i said WTF jela en ..what the fish ok.. so tetibe my membe dengan baik hati pergi cari membe dia and do the magic things with the hardisk and wallahh..dpt restore balik my file..

so here the tutorial that uolls can do when your thumbdrive or whatever yang seangkatan dengan dia.

1. insert your thumbdrive . take note the drive letter . for an example awakensem (F:)

2. go to the start and search run, and type 'cmd' ok

3. enter this command

        attrib -s -h -r f:/*.* /s /d
    (if your drive letter g for an example then type g in the command)

4. press ENTER and wait for the command to execute.

5. open your thumbdrive and you can see the files that were hidden by the virus.

*hope dengan benda ini saya dapat membantu uolls sume .. tata titi tutu ( oh terlampau gedik )

Friday, February 1, 2013

life in matriclation

assalamualaikum yaa bakal-bakal ahli kubur !!

as the mid term exam or aka UPS for matriculation student has come to the end [ hohoho heaven for me] so i really have some masa TERLUANG yang susah nak dapat for matriculation student [only for 1 week yang bagi aku wtf ].. well i'm not sayin that living as student matriculation tough well it's has bittersweet you know.. life ain't easy dear. as my mom says to me when i'm just about concede defeat to the hectic life [ cause i just convert from science physical to accountant because my mom said that it have more job opportunities ..yadaa yadaa] in here "BUKAN SENANG NAK SENANG"..imagine that was never studied accounts and there you go accounts, bisnes, economic.. get it?? relaks suda enjoy your sailing in here ..

here i am writing a tips for my future junior ..hohoho

  • be prepare mentally and physically ..what i mean is datang sini jangan laa set dalam mind tu hidup biar enjoy and etc lalalalalalalalala whatever you call that..time table kat sini packed la jugak but as an accountant student kira banyak leisure time compare to science student..tapi ni nasihat untuk adik2 yer..dont ever think to PONTENG or SKIP lecture,tutorial or even amali (for science student opcoz ) lots of info uolls will miss kerugian akan berlaku di your week memang tak sah if tak ada kuiz..hoho.. 

  • do your tutorial even the lecturer didn't say that you have to submit it.. because here i wanna say to you all pretty2 people PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT doe.. jyeahhh .. the tutorial are not easy as ABC you know.. you have to kick your bloody butt to achieve the succesful result

  • who's your friend that will affect your personality ..  trust me..pilihla kawan yang baik..if you they are slackers or problematic please pretty please avoid them.. cause if you dont have iman yang tinggi you might ended up like them..

  • do a short note then tampal dekat dinding mu sume dari dok tampal gambar postor2 artis baik hampa tampal nota2..every morning, evening senang citer everytime you look to the wall you can memorized the formulae or etc.. sampai uoll da lali + jemu..haha..there a benefits if you do this.. like you're studying or doing your tutorial..if you not memorized the formulae or a definition of sumthing and youre toooo lazy to open the book [direct translate lol] you can just look up to the wall anda walllah there you go..yadaaa yadaa

  • extra tips for you gurls out there.. bring lots2 of lots baju this is formal attire to the class..
ohh by the way i'm studying in kolej matriculation pulau penang [KMPP] ok ok saya nak sambung study balik # inisemuapoyo..

Friday, January 11, 2013


well we or aka matriculation student has just been told our muet result on 8.1.2013(tarikh keramat-pagi yang hening ditemani rasa berdebar dan penuh harapan untuk mendapatkan result yang gempak lantas dapat membahagiakn ibu bapa..ok2 enough with the line flowers..errr..betul ke?? ahhhh persetankan semua itu ) ..well most of us get a good band 3 and above ..but me?? i wish i was in that group..T,T..ewmm  what past let it remains at past and make it as a lesson for me..dont play2 with SIGNIFICANT EXAM..#pangpangpangpipikirikanan 

my face during receive the muet literally wadafaq

i have something for you readers..hope you enjoy the drama